Mind & Body Basics - A dynamic fusion of Martial Arts and Personal Fitness Training
Self-Defense Training
Learn the fundamentals of Martial Arts. We teach self-defense in a comprehensive and practical science. Realizing everyone's body type is uniquely different, our self-defense training is designed to fit your customary physique, gender, age and personality.
Personal Fitness Training
Mind & Body Basics brings a revolutionary style of personal fitness training. Our program is designed to develop your natural muscle build and body structure so that you can function in your daily activities with vitality and confidence.
Boxing/Kickboxing Training
Mind & Body Basics teaches fundamental boxing and kickboxing. This particular program is intense, and consisitently yields proven results. Learn valuable techniques while sculpting your frame into a better you.  
Diet and Nutrition Development
Let us help you design a safe and healthy dietary meal plan that will aid in your desire to loose weight or develop better eating habits. We will also provide weekly healthy food tips and recipes in our Health & Fitness Tips section provided by Chef Lisha and Chef Jimmeca of Sister2Sister Catering.
Because each individual client's needs may vary, our prices are uniquely designed depending on the service(s) provided. To schedule a free consulation, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page.
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